The Blackbird Vision Screening System
Blackbird Vision Screening System - Background Information

The Blackbird Vision Screening System was developed by a public health nurse, Kiyo Sato-Nunneley, while working in the field and screening thousands of preschool children. Designed to detect amblyopia (also called lazy eye), It is endorsed by leading eye professionals, educators, nurses, and many others. The Blackbird Vision Screening System is recommended by the California State Department of Education for screening non-verbal, non-literate, and non-English speaking preschool children and has been serving schools, Head Start programs, and medical clinics throughout the country for 20 years.

No longer must children be forced into learning the Snellen E or the vocabulary of picture charts. For the first time, a test has been adapted to the developmental stages of preschool-aged children that will easily reveal amblyopia and other eye disorders. It is fun, quick, and easy to administer. Children simply point which way the bird is flying. Youngsters enjoy playing the Blackbird "game" and wearing the "magic glasses." Frequently heard comments include: "I want to do it again" or "You forgot me."


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