The Blackbird Vision Screening System
How It Works
Blackbird Vision Screening System - How it Works

Studies show that approximately 3% of children suffer from amblyopia (lazy eye). Experts agree that amblyopia needs to be detected by age four for optimum correction; otherwise, unilateral blindness becomes difficult to treat and is often irreversible. Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends preschool vision screening, only 25% of our children receive any kind of vision testing.

The Blackbird Vision Screening System is revolutionizing the screening of young children and eye problem detection (particularly amblyopia) simply because all children are familiar with birds.  The standard Snellen E is not in their experience, picture charts involve vocabulary, the HOTV is unfamiliar and therefore does not hold their attention, and with the Hand Chart, little uncoordinated hands have trouble indicating positions.


Responding to the Blackbird Preschool Vision Screening Test, 3-year old Preston indicates that the bird is flying up. With the disposable, cardboard eyeglasses there is no peeking or contagion.  The method is easy, fun and accurate. The Blackbird Vision Screening System is highly recommended for detecting amblyopia (lazy eye) and other eye disorders.

The Blackbird System is adapted to children's short attention span, poor hand-eye coordination, and their pre-verbal and pre-literate skills. Their love of stories is incorporated in The Adventures of Blackbird for directional teaching for the very young.  The Blackbird is fun, quick, and easy to administer.  Nurses report: "Kids love it!"

With the fun-to-wear, disposable "magic glasses" (occluders), peeking, pressure blindness, and contagion are eliminated.  Screening time is decreased along with screener frustration.  In a clinic situation, parents read the Blackbird Storybook Home Eye Test in the waiting room before the screening.

Simplicity is the key to working with young children.  Complicated, expensive machines are not necessary.  The Blackbird Vision Screening System is cost effective and, by far, the most productive method for screening children 3-6 years of age and detecting eye disorders including amblyopia.  Nurses report a dramatic rise in testability and referral rates with the Blackbird.

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